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    Colsterworth War Memorial

    May 07, 2014 by in Sculpture and decorative arts

    The War Memorial at Colsterworth, Lincolnshire is typical of those in many villages throughout the country. It is a fairly simple standing cross, of a local stone (in this case Ancaster limestone), with inscriptions recording those who lost their lives in the Great War, with those from World War II subsequently added. Skillingtons were commissioned to make a conservation report on it in 2009 and subsequently went on to carry out repairs in 2010.


    The Memorial had been previously restored including the rebuilding of the base in Portland cement mortar which had caused various stone decay problems. Our approach was to clean the stonework, replace locally decayed stonework, and to replace the concrete posts with chains between new posts, as well as re-gilding the inscription.


    Contract value range: Approximately £10K

    Client: Colsterworth Parish Council.

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