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    Coronavirus statement

    April 06, 2020 by in News

    The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting all walks of life and our business is no exception. The majority of the sites we are working on have closed until the government’s lockdown measures have eased, working away from home (staying in accommodation) is not currently viable, and much of what we do is impossible whilst following social distancing protocol.

    For the time being we are therefore limited to administration and report-writing (mainly from home-working) and emergency works.

    During this period we are preparing for a return to work in due course, looking at what strategies we might employ if there is a partial or temporary easing of lockdown.

    In the meantime please direct all email enquiries to admin@skillingtons.co.uk . Our office number – 01476 565671 – should be answered during office hours but in case of difficulty or for out-of-hours emergencies only please contact David Carrington on 07713 647225. We apologise for any inconvenience caused whilst these measures are in place and hope that all of our contacts stay in good health.

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